[CQ-Contest] October CQ arrives

K4tmc at aol.com K4tmc at aol.com
Wed Sep 26 19:55:34 EDT 2001

Front cover photo of K4III and his bicycle mobile station.  This issue is 
titled Mobile Special!

Contest related items:
Reader Survey results - answers to August issue questions about contesting
CQ WW DX Contest All-Time World and USA Records
Contesting - How To Get A Runner's Edge
Propagation - High Sunspot Count Continues for 2001 CQ WW DX Contest

Other interesting items:
Washington Readout - Consensus Elusive on International Ham Rules
Preserving the History of Ham Radio
VHF Plus - WSJT software (weak signal meteor scatter communications) 
World of Ideas - Romantic Retros and Dinkin' Delights, Part 1 (old tube 
QRP - Gearing Up for QRP Fun
Beginner's Corner - Buying a New HF Rig
DX - Ham Radio, The Peace Corps, and Butaritari

Mobile stuff:
Zero Bias (editorial) - Hit the Road, Jack…
DX in The Sun, A First-Year Experience HF Mobiling in Spain
DXing on Foot, Operating Pedestrian Mobile
HF Mobile Whips Put to the Test
VHF Mobile Antenna Performance (with elev/azimuth patterns for different 
Console Mounting for Detachable-Head Radios
It Took a Village… (HF mobile installation example)

Pro-Sis-Tel Big Boy Rotators has new ad with pictures and identifies Array 
Solutions as US-Canada outlet.

CQ WW DX SSB only one month away...BE THERE!!

73 & High Rates,
Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC 

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