[CQ-Contest] Tx-Rx Offset Standards

Serg Z. Demidov UA1OMS khz at atnet.ru
Mon Apr 1 05:48:54 EST 2002

I also think that the reason of displacement signals is result of the
Doppler's effect. When I giving CQ almost all of the Japanese stations (from
east) calling a little bit above. In other hands almost all of US guys (from
west) are a little bit lower than my frequency.

73! Serg Z. Demidov UA1OMS

The all-too-obvious answer is the doppler effect caused by the rotation of
the earth, compressing any signal originating east of the U.S.--or should I
wait until Monday to bring this up?

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I was wondering if there is a different convention for offset standards.
We're all pretty much using the same radios but it seems unlikely that they
are pre-configured by the manufacturer to use different offsets based on the
target market.  It's not much of a difference - maybe 200 Hz - but I find
myself leaving the RIT "up a little" when EU stations are answering my CQs.

How about it, EU guys?  Is the converse true - that you have to listen a
little lower in frequency when running USA?

73, Ward N0AX

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