[CQ-Contest] The clock is ticking down to FQP 2K2

Jim White k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Apr 5 09:54:39 EST 2002

(please forward this message to your local ham club e-mail reflectors-TNX!)

Yes, its Friday and the WPX SSB is past us....what next you say?

You Yankees, how did those fixed South "multiplier" antennas work for
you....DON'T MOVE EM JUST YET! Because:

It's only 22 days until FQP 2K2...

Over the past several years, the Florida Contest Group has turned out tens
of thousands of QSOs from hams just like you in a state QSO Party - The
Florida QSO Party.

The FQP has just about something for everybody including a handsome
certificate program, extensive plaque program (see below), college
competition, club competition and new this year:

An SWL Category!

If you are an SWL please contact me - we would like to get this information
distributed ASAP to the e-mail reflectors that SWL's frequent!

Florida hams take pride in airing their state - our larger fixed stations
can rack up over 2000 QSOs in the FQP - this is a 20 hour contest, so that
means they average over 100/hour.  How can they do this - by your

We have successfully activated all of Florida's Counties since we took over
running the FQP several years ago - in fact several stations did it last
year!  How do we do that - with mobilers roving the state...if you are a
mobiler/county activator we invite you to join us...each year several out of
state hams will come down to the Sunshine State and help us activate our
counties...last year there were several such stations who became plaque

Here are the FQP 2,001 Plaque winners, congratulations go to:

Sponsor Award Winner

N4PN Top Florida CW NO4S (K9OM op)
N4DL Top Florida Phone K4XS
N4BP Top Florida QRP NA4CW
K1TO Top Florida Mobile (Single Op) W5WMU
K4OJ Top Florida Mobile (Multi-Op) K5WA (+N6MU)
AB4RL Top Florida Score K4FQP (K5KG op)
K4OJ Most QSO's Florida Single Operator K4XS
N4PK Top Florida Club Station Score W4MLB
QCWA Chapter 62 Top Novice/Technician No Entries
KD4RWN Top University Non-Florida W6YX
Friendship ARC Top University Florida K4UCF
W4JN Top Non-Florida CW K3TW
K4XS Top Non-Florida Phone NØWY
NF4A Top Non-Florida Mixed Mode W8MJ
NA4CW Top Non-Florida QRP K3TW
N4TO Top European CW MØSDX
WD4AHZ Top Canadian Mixed Mode VE1OP
NF4A Top DX Mixed Mode LY3BA
K5KG 1st station to work all Counties in FQP K3WW

Have you tried the FQP?

It is a fun contest with a simple exchange - Floridians send a signal report
and a county (full county abbreviation list on the FQP web page/URL
below)...Out of Florida stations send a signal report and their
state/province or country - again consult the URL below....

Floridians if you can participate please check in to the web page ASAP and
click on the link for county activation/NS4W, our county coordinator....let
him know what county or counties you can activate.. Once we have a
commitment for a county the Florida map on the opening page of the website
will change color from Green to Orange for that county...over the next few
weeks you will see the map become more and more orange and with the help of
other Floridians we will make it all Orange once again!  Please check in
ASAP so the mobile teams can plan their routes to ensure all FL counties
will be well represented!

There are Florida county as well as out of state records posted on the FQP
website - check them out - as well as all the other valuable info on the
FQP.  The FQP website is a true asset - it even contains links to logging
software that supports the FQP!

Spend a few minutes surfing the website, bookmark it and don't forget:

Its only 22 days until the 2,002 - be there!

Check out the website:



Jim, K4OJ
The Florida Contest Group...thanks to you were running 'em!

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