[CQ-Contest] Re: ARRL Awards / Contest logs

Maury Peiperl MPeiperl at london.edu
Mon Apr 8 20:01:22 EDT 2002

Sylvan, that may be the single best idea I have ever heard in the DXCC /
Awards area.  You are talking about confirmed contacts; that is, contacts
for which the League already has both logs and has compared them.  Yes cards
are nice and there is nothing like the look and feel of a good, rare one,
but this doesn't do away with that; it merely supplements it with incontrovertible
data provided by the amateurs themselves.

I for one would even be willing to pay (within reason) for such a service.
 I could finally collect my 5BDXCC, which with two small kids and the other
pressures of mid-life, I might otherwise never manage to get all the cards


Maury W3EF / G0UHK

Ve5ZX wrote:

    All entries logs submitted to an ARRL contest and verified by the
contest checking software should automatically be accredited to any ARRL
award for which it is considered to be a valid contact. No eQSL or QSL

    ?required! Could be one way of getting more participation in contests as well

      as more check logs!  ... sylvan



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