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Wow, interesting to see some sounds of "auto-spotting"... a point read in
WPX rules.
73 Lee.
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  After going thru some 17,000 spots from the CQ WPX SSB contest over
  the past week, I figured it was time to share some of my work with the
  reflector.  As in the ARRL DX contests, I again found evidence of
  disguised self-spotting by a number of stations - that will be forwarded
  to those in charge of the WPX contest.

  I thought I would start by giving some stats on stations that frequently
  spotted another station during the contest.  I've seen people say that
  they figure 2 spots per band is "reasonable" for a 48 hour contest; some
  of these certainly exceed that.  I am just listing the top ten.


  1)   IR3P spotted FM5GU 30 times - - 15 spots were on 20 meters.

  2t)  S51QN spotted S58M 28 times - - 15 times on 20m.

  2t)  CE4VCN spots CB4A 28 times - - 12 spots on 15 meters.

  4t)  OK1WWJ spots OL5T 21 times- -  5 each on 80 and 40 meters.

  4t)  RK3QWA spotted 5B4/R3CC 21 times (9x on 10 meters.)

  6) N2QER - 13 spots of NY6DX - - 5 spots on both 10/15 meters.

  7) UR7IJQ spotted US7IGF 12 times - all were on 15 meters.

  8t) KA6BIM spotted NR6O 11 times -  4 were on 10 meters.

  8t) PY2SBY spotted PU2WDX 11 times - all on 10 meters.
     PU2WDX in turn spotted PY2SBY 6 times on 10 meters.

  10) KC5JSO spotted T93M/HI9 10 times - five were on 10m.

  More later.

  Jamie NS3T

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