[CQ-Contest] SSB reports

Bob Cox K3EST at cqww.com
Sat Apr 13 13:54:08 EDT 2002

Dear Fellow Contesters,

The 2001 CQ WW SSB UBN and NIL reports are now available for you at http://www.cqww.com . Just find your call and click. Enter your password which everyone who submitted an email log received.  If you submitted only a paper log your call will not appear on the list.

In a few weeks we will place a list of calls + categories + clubs on the cqww.com web site for you to check. An announcement will be made.

The CQ WW will require the cabrillo format for submissions starting with the 2002 contest. All the non-cabrillo 2001 SSB logs on the CQ WW website have been converted to the carbillo format by the CQ WW Committee. The cabrillo format is available with the major contest logging programs. 

Although we are sure that you are familiar with the reasons why cabrillo is important, here is the main reason: It allows the easy assembly of all the data necessary for compiling the results by the contest sponsor.  Without cabrillo the CQ WW Committee must deal with many, many logging formats....which takes many, now unneeded,  hundreds of hours.

Approximately 70 % of the logs received for the 2001 CQ WW SSB test were already in the cabrillo format. This was great! Thanks.


Bob, K3EST
CQ WW Director

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