[CQ-Contest] Team UAE & Phins

Bill Fisher, W4AN w4an at CONTESTING.COM
Sun Apr 14 16:44:57 EDT 2002

Can't believe the whining about this team.  Forget that both ops are world
class.  Forget that they announced this team well in advance.  

The OH's are putting on this event.  It is THEIR contest.  If they want to
invite novice ops from OH0 who are sons of the biggest donor... its OK
with me.  They are doing all the work and coming up with all the money
required to pull it off.  To publically criticize them for any of their
choices seems to me to be in very poor taste.

As for money talks....  I will put my spot up for the highest bidder.  
Proceeds to benefit the event.  Any talkers?  eerrrr takers?  


Bill Fisher

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