[CQ-Contest] NS3T's "witch-hunt"

Leigh S. Jones, KR6X kr6x at kr6x.com
Fri Apr 19 09:35:19 EDT 2002

The crazy nature of practically every open e-mail reflector can be
blamed for some of the annoyance we all feel about the postings
we receive from time to time.  We all want to present and
sometimes promote our own views and in so doing we might even
try to suppress those views that run counter to our own.  It's the
nature of reflectors.

Reflectors do provide a valuable forum for our ideas, and the
contesting reflector can get particularly ugly sometimes simply
because it is just about the best way to promote new ideas
about "fairness" in contests.  NS3T was clearly a little bit wild
with his early posts on this subject, and a number of innocents
were abused in the process.  The "witch hunt" comparison is
a good one.

We do need to reexamine the rules of contests from time to time,
and provide new suggestions as to how contesting can be made
"fair" again when we discover new technologies that are legal by
the "word of the law" but are nonetheless "cheating" when an
honest evaluation is made.  This year it's the net, next year it
could be something we haven't thought of yet.

We can all agree that the demon that NS3T was attacking
deserves to be vanquished, even though we'd like to see an
approach to this battle that would inflict less collateral damage.

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> #2 & #3,"unique" spots, inactive calls, blah,blah,blah.
> Is this really going to make or break contesting?
INTERNET spots up??
> This thread needs to stop. BTW, I do not condone using "fake" calls for
spotting, but, I'm sure there are better things to talk about than this BS.
> Again folks, you don't need to correctly ID on the internet spots, errr,
maybe they changed the rules? Maybe I will spot guys during the next contest
using the word MOE or CURLEY instead of my own call, I'm sure NS3T will
drive himself nuts trying to figure if MOE is still active? ;-)
> 73-Chuck KI9A
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