[CQ-Contest] FD logging program

Ron D. Rossi rrossi at btv.ibm.com
Mon Apr 22 13:11:20 EDT 2002

>>>"jljarvis" said:
> W1MOO, 5A VT,  will change from TR to Writelog this year.
> 6 node ethernet network....5 stations and a site-executive laptop.

Same setup as TR.

> Last year, TR's quirky use of memory cost us 50Q's and two key
> hours of downtime on one cw station, when the bands were hot.

Jim the year before it was because all the power save features were not turned 
off on the laptop. Last year we might have lost 50Qs, but it was because the 
CW tent "HAD" to run on windows laptops with all kinds of extra stuff. Booting 
it back up required the owner to be there to have it done correctly. The 
bottom line though is you cannot turn off a networked computer when you go 
home for the night!! The other machines were "clean boots" and worked fine 
(nor were they turned off!!).

> Ethernet vs. rs232c should improve rfi issues across the site.

There were no RFI issues. In general ethernet has great capabilities, but with 
increased complexity.

> Ease of setup of networked operation in Writelog will save us 
> setup and debug time.  

To be fair it "might" save us time. We don't know that yet, since it is the 
first year. Last year it was <1 hour including running cables from no 
computers to having all five booted and talking to each other (up to 200' 
distance between CPUs).

> And we've got a TR expert in our midst; although he gets to
> sleep and go to church!  So we're switching programs despite 
> his feelings for TR.  

It will free me up!! Now someone else gets to be slaved to the network =:-)

> Last year's disaster happened during the sleep/church period, 
> of course.  Thank you, Father Murphy! :)

Bless you my son!

73 es God Bless de KK1L...ron rossi(kk1l at arrl.net) <><
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