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Dennis' suggestion is right on.  

The quickest way to expose an advantage, or lack thereof, is to include it in contest reporting. It should be obvious whether such an advantage exists within just a few months. 

If we want to go further in trying to establish a cause and effect between SO2R and scores we could design an experiment.  After one year run on two major contest with current rules, change the rules for the subsequent year to require stations to stay on one band for just three minutes.  If SO2R is the cause of an advantage, one would expect the advantage to either be substantially decreased or disappear in the second year. 

Sound like a fair test?

7i3 de Jim

Dennis Vernacchia <n6ki at juno.com> wrote:

>         I sent mail to this reflector over a yearago mirroring your 
>suggestions that SO2R be a separate category but the guys that
>already run SO2R don't want to hear it now that they have the
>        I also suggested that each contest summary that posted on
>the reflectors etc, have a column indicating whether SO2R was utilized.
>That's all, do it for a couple years then look at all teh results and you
>will seee that the
>top guys are USUALLY on top. Yes, sometimes an SO2R station gets beat but
>that is
>due to other factors like a poor Op or lack of good equipment/antennas.
>Bottom line, just list it in results.
>73, Dennis  N6KI
>On Mon, 22 Apr 2002 10:37:47 -0700 "Richard Zalewski" <w7zr at citlink.net>
>> How about considering this regarding SO2R as a separate class.
>> Most recent WPX SSB
>> SO AB (A) HP
>> NV4X    2880 Q  960 PFX  33 HRS  7.58M
>> WZ7ZR 1836 Q  749 PFX  32 HRS  2.78M
>> Not to take a thing away from K4MA as the operator at NV4X or the 
>> fact that
>> he is East Coast but come on....you can't keep telling me that SO2R 
>> is not a
>> separate classification.
>> I sure would like to see more analysis of this type where SO2R in a 
>> current
>> class is compared to SO1R in the same class.  I would do it but 
>> unfortunetly
>> I only saved the SO (A) AB HP posts.
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