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Bill Coleman aa4lr at arrl.net
Thu Apr 25 11:28:04 EDT 2002

On 4/23/02 5:05 PM, aa4ga at hemc.net at aa4ga at hemc.net wrote:

>Uh, who says SO2R isn't an advantage?  Of course it is to those doing 
>it, or they wouldn't be doing it.

Not exactly, Lee. Certainly the operator must perceive it to be an 
advantage, or they wouldn't do it. I think it takes considerable skill 
for it to be a true advantage. And some SO2R operators don't perform as 
well as SO1R operators.

>Some folks don't have the typing skills to utilize the computer 
>logging advantage, and some folks don't have the multi-tasking skills 
>to utilize the SO2R advantage.

W4AN's comment to me, when I tried SO2R operating in the 1995 SS SSB was 
"you can't learn to do this in a single contest." Bill has literally 
spent weeks in the shack chair, making casual QSOs on one rig while 
listening with on ear to another radio. It's much harder than it sounds.

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