[CQ-Contest] Dodgy spotting 'witch-hunt'

Bruce B. Sawyer zf2nt at candw.ky
Thu Apr 25 18:57:11 EDT 2002

>Then it will be a "spot sending and reading Contest" and I'll be definitely
>out of it.
>Still vote for shutting down all the clusters during major Contests.
>73  yuri (still VA3UZ)

I still think the suggestion K5TR put out the other day  (and credited to
N5KO) is the best I've heard yet.  Allow self-spotting, and encourage
EVERYBODY to put out a spot on themselves every time they hit the F1 key (or
RTN for TR).  Then the cluster system would be so flooded with garbage that
it would be useless to anybody and everybody.  We would never be able to
convince the packet guys to shut down voluntarily, but if enough of us put
our heads together we could bring the worldwide cluster system to its knees!

CU Dayton?  de Bruce, ZF2NT

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