[CQ-Contest] Dodgy spotting 'witch-hunt'

Ron Notarius WN3VAW wn3vaw at fyi.net
Fri Apr 26 14:20:44 EDT 2002

So now the solution to stopping cluster cheats is to force everyone to use
the cluster and to effectively discourage or ban those who don't from
participating in the contest?  In other words, to stop the cheats we ban the
operators who can not possible have been cheating?

I was wrong before.  THIS is the latest height in absurdity.

73, ron wn3vaw

"There must be some mistake.  The Pirates in first? QRM on my end,
--John W3ULS (and there's no QRM, either)

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Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 16:09:42 -0700

Bruce, I don't think that the intent was to bring the cluster system to its
knees.  Hopefully there would be adequate preparation for this to be
effective; heaven knows the internet itself will be quite able to stand
up to the pressure -- it would only be the servers of the spotting
networks themselves that would be heavily stressed.

This would completely remove the "cheating" element from the self-
spotting act, while at the same time it would increase the usefulness
of the spotting system.  Imagine -- the spotting networks would
provide 100% coverage of all CQ's, spreading the impact of new
spots to every CQ on the band...  No more big packet pileups.
Instantaneously updated bandmaps that are never out of date.  No
need for anyone to provide any spots of stations thay've just worked.
Your own personal approach to filtering spots -- spots no longer
filtered by your competitor!

No, although there would be much more server traffic, the server
traffic isn't the drawback to this idea.  It would place a 100%
requirement on all entrants (even those who are located in quite
remote places where there is no internet service available at
all) to connect to the internet and use computers to do all of their
logging.  It would put the Heathkit HW-8 and pencil gang
completely out of business competitively, and force everyone to
modern equipment and modern operating practices.

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> >Then it will be a "spot sending and reading Contest" and I'll be
> >out of it.
> >Still vote for shutting down all the clusters during major Contests.
> >
> >73  yuri (still VA3UZ)
> I still think the suggestion K5TR put out the other day  (and credited to
> N5KO) is the best I've heard yet.  Allow self-spotting, and encourage
> EVERYBODY to put out a spot on themselves every time they hit the F1 key
> RTN for TR).  Then the cluster system would be so flooded with garbage
> it would be useless to anybody and everybody.  We would never be able to
> convince the packet guys to shut down voluntarily, but if enough of us put
> our heads together we could bring the worldwide cluster system to its
> CU Dayton?  de Bruce, ZF2NT
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