[CQ-Contest] Why No QST Contest Column

k9tm k9tm at buckeye-express.com
Wed Aug 14 20:48:45 EDT 2002

Pete Smith wrote:
> I was leafing through the August issue of QST when I focused on the fact
> that there is no Contest column, while columns exist for DX, Public
> Service, The World Above 50 MHz, QRP Power or Old Radio.  Why not?
> 73, Pete N4ZR

As I look at my September 2002 QST, I see the following:

1) There is a contest related story thanks to W1WEF.
2) There is a contest write-up and line scores for RTTY Roundup
3) There is a contest write-up and line scores for 10m contest
4) There is a contest write-up for School Club Roundup with scores
5) There is a contest corral department.  This is where the other items
   mentioned above are also listed (DX, Public Service, QRP, etc).

A quick count shows that the above stories occupy roughly 18 pages of
QST.  There are 160 pages in this QST.  That means that 11% of this QST
contains contesting info.

Also, as I look back at other recent QST's... I don't see anything that
is now missing or different.

I am generally fairly observant but maybe I missed something?

Perhaps someone could say that if contesting is going to get 1 page in
QST (the department section) is the contest corral the best use of our
one page?  But that is a different question/debate.

73, Tim K9TM

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