[CQ-Contest] TS850 versus TS570

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  > I think Kenwood fixed this problem - but I really don't know.  

I have a TS-57SDG - The problem Tree mentions is not apparent in this 
particular radio.
Trying to use it in a contest is a challenge, at best. Strong stations do not 
need to be too close to cause the AGC to pump, and you can't turn it off.
I had mine in the pick-up for quite a while and it was a fb mobile rig, 
although it is a bit large. I replaced it with a new IC-706 a few months ago, 
and WAY prefer the 570.
The 706's digital remnants are extremely distracting on cw, but it isn't a 
bad SSB rig, and it's SMALL. Another not cool contesting radio.
If you're into ham radio in general the TS-570 is a nice radio. If contesting 
is your game best check out something else. Of course if your not into 
contesting you're probably not reading this reflector.

73, Don - K4BEV

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