[CQ-Contest] Re: Short contest calls.

Jim Rhodes rhodes at evertek.net
Sun Dec 1 08:35:28 EST 2002

There is currently no legal requirement that a US operator identify as a 
"portable" in any way when operating away from his home area, that they 
change their call when they move to another callsign area or that they 
actually reside in a callsign area when applying for a vanity call 
(exception here: a K6  or K2 cannot apply for a "special callsign 
area  call" outside their area. For example if your example was the other 
way around a K6 cannot apply for a KH6 call while living in K6 land) For 
some contests this would be required for the contest, but not a legal 

At 12:23 AM 12/1/02, Jan Erik Holm wrote:
>Talking about US calls, can you people explain this to me, it?s
>been puzzling me for years.
>There is a K6 guy operating from KH6, he doesn?t sign /KH6
>or KH6/ just his K6 and two letter suffix. I have asked him on
>the air and he says it?s perfectly right. How can it be?? Does
>not seem to follow international regulations which also are signed
>by the USA.
>This will also be a problem I guess for AD1C and his country files.
>73 Jim SM2EKM
>K4SB wrote:
>>Jim Reisert AD1C wrote:
>>>At 05:24 PM 11/27/2002 +0000, David Robbins K1TTT wrote:
>>>>I'll agree.  1x1 calls like k2g or k1b are probably not good in
>>I probably missed this, but how in the world did the FCC ever issue
>>the call? It is clearly against their guidelines, except I guess, for
>>special events.
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