[CQ-Contest] Re: Short contest calls.

Mike Gilmer, N2MG n2mg at eham.net
Sun Dec 1 17:04:18 EST 2002

Cabrillo doesn't need to "recognize" anything.  It's just a record of the
contact.  Since stations do not send their "country" as part of the
exchange, it need not be logged and therefore is not included in the
Cabrillo log.

All multipliers are credited by the log checking (as it should be) so that
if one log gets "credit" for KH2D as W4, or K2G as KH2, all logs do.

The version of CT is not at issue - it's the country file.

The only value (albeit important during the contest) of adding the "/W4" is
to know that you have NOT already worked KH2.  IMO, put the "/W4" on during
the contest, then edit it out at the end.  However, it's possible that the
log checkers would ignore the "/W4" but that's just a guess - not sure I
would count on it.

Mike N2MG

> > Didn't the zone give you a hint that he was elsewhere?
> Yes, zone gave a hint. That's why I asked.
> But please try to LOG him (without /4) and see what happens (at least with
> older version of CT). I don't care if cabrillo recognizes it, but what if
> not?

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