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Hi Hans !

It seems that i can do the other way and sty at home and sign wath ever i won't!!
73-s Peter/sm2odb

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> > Talking about US calls, can you people explain this to me, it?s
> > been puzzling me for years.
> > There is a K6 guy operating from KH6, he doesn?t sign /KH6
> > or KH6/ just his K6 and two letter suffix. I have asked him on
> > the air and he says it?s perfectly right. How can it be?? Does
> > not seem to follow international regulations which also are signed
> > by the USA.
> The "K6" suffix is assigned to the USA.  Hawaii is part of the USA.  =
is no
> international regulation which says Hawaii stations must sign "KH6".  =
> Hawaii was originally "K6" and California was "W6" only.  Within the
borders of
> a country there is no international regulation how the prefixes must =
> allocated.
> o?o  73, de Hans, K0HB

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