[CQ-Contest] Your thoughts on this one

K4SB hamcat at directvinternet.com
Mon Dec 2 03:51:05 EST 2002

Zack Widup wrote:
> I myself am still a little leery of computers for anything really
> important.  At least the kind you can buy for your home (I certainly
> wouldn't trust one for a life support system).

Well, this may disappoint Zack a little, but 3 computers kept me alive
for over
36 hours after open heart surgery in 95. Blooming heart wouldn't
restart, then beat backward, and lungs wouldn't breathe.

Oddly enough, one of the nurses in intensive care visited me when I
did wake up, and said I was grinning like crazy during that time in
the ICU.

Obviously, they weren't using Windows.


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