[CQ-Contest] Re: Short contest calls.

Yuri Onipko va3uz at rac.ca
Mon Dec 2 13:02:43 EST 2002

K1KI wrote:

> But you're the one who changed his call from VA3UZ to VE3DZ...   it does
make a difference, doesn't it?
>                 -- Tom

Well, maybe I'm not getting something here.
We are talking about the DX Contest, right? Where DXCC countries are
To change or not to change the call is personal issue and has nothing to do
with country ID stuff. If the one doesn't want to change his call while
moving, go ahead, use it (according to one's country rules), but please add
"/" and territory or country ID.
Isn't VE3DZ the same country (and zone) as VA3UZ?
But I don't call people from VE2(if I'm in VE2) using my VE3DZ call ang give
them 599 2. In order to do that I have to sign VE3DZ/2, right? Everybody in
the world does this, U.S. guys are the only exception.
If I hear K2G calling CQ TEST - how can I recognize he is in Guam, but not
on Long Island?
I personally can live with that, just don't understand why. Nobody gave any
good reason or explaination for that so far.
Best regards,
Yuri  VE3DZ

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