[CQ-Contest] RE: Great Chair

Ken Widelitz widelitz at gte.net
Mon Dec 2 18:09:42 EST 2002

I have had a number of inquiries about the chair I recommended. It seems it
is hard to find in the U.S.

I bought the chair in PEI. I have the chair listed in my Staples US
Midsummer 1999 catalog (great, huh.) There it is model 369290-53 in gray and
372443-53 in Navy. If you look at Staples in Canada:


you will see it at $350 Canadian (take off about 1/3 for US$.) Staples
Canada is a separate company. I don't know what their deal is on shipping to
the U.S. or what customs charges are. Maybe if you print out the site above
and take it to your local Staples, they will be able to help.

73, Ken, K6LA/VY2TT

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