[CQ-Contest] Announce a new contesting program

Finta Tibor tibor.finta at lhsystems.hu
Tue Dec 3 09:28:58 EST 2002

I am developing a new contesting program. The original main goal was to
get a program, which
supports the new HADX contest organised January 18-19, 2003. This goal
is reached but now the goal
is to have a program which you can use in more contests. The first
usable early version you can find under


Because the geocities server temporally blocks the sites if the data
transfer higher then 4.1 MB hourly
I am going to create a mirror site under


today afternoon.

Please look at the program home page and contact me under

ha1ah at firemail.de

if you have any suggestions, questions or remarks.

Best 73:
Tibor Finta HA1AH

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