[CQ-Contest] Re: Short contest calls.

Ron Wetjen wd4ahz at gte.net
Tue Dec 3 11:19:40 EST 2002

Leigh S. Jones wrote:

> Now a mechanism exists, but it is inadequate and quite costly.
> Some one with a nice 4 letter callsign who changes call districts
> will be faced with the choice of keeping his old callsign or paying
> hundreds of dollars in a gamble with hopes of getting a new callsign
> that has equivalent ease of use, but more likely he'll get a clinker.
> The present system of paying big money to enter a lottery for
> callsigns hasn't always been with us.


> But I had to let my license lapse for a time just to get a new
> callsign.  You shouldn't have to do that.  But those are the kind
> of obstacles we face in the US.


Pay $14 and pick out any available Vanity Call you like!  That's pretty 
easy ... I've done it for our local radio club!


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