[CQ-Contest] Short contest calls.

Mike Gilmer, N2MG n2mg at eham.net
Tue Dec 3 13:09:13 EST 2002

N6TJ wrote:

> So you have to be smart enough to rotate your antenna and peak the 
> signal, so what? And you can't hear them send Zone 27 ONE TIME and 
> figure out that this just might be Guam?  

What if he doesn't have a pileup...do you peak your beam on every K2 
you hear calling CQ?  Or wait around for some other sap to call him?

What if the mystery guy sends zone 31?  How do you "figure out" that he 
is in Hawaii?  He could be on Kingman Reef or Midway... my beam's not 
that narrow... Since the country is NOT part of the exchange now we 
are required to "ask".  This is what is silly.

> Or does one suppose the "G" stands for Georgia??  

Why not? K2G could just as easily been there.  It seems to be suggested 
here that we have to "figure out" that the guy - who obtains a call 
obfuscating his QTH - is at the same time, clever enough to pick "G" to 
match the letters.  Well, in this case, I suppose he was.  However, 
where might K2J giving out zone 31 be then, Jarvis? Johnston? 

> If using a less than standard call, whatever that is, and it hurts the
> guy(s) behind the call, so what?  It's their choice, and no one 
> else's.

Exactly.  They have every "right" to do so, and the "law" even 
agrees.  It's just not something conducive to a optimal contest 

73 Mike N2MG

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