[CQ-Contest] /m contesting

jim funk jfunk at adams.net
Wed Dec 4 10:08:26 EST 2002

> Noone ever works a contest
> from their car.

Are you serious?

Ask K8MR, W1NN, W0GXQ, W3DYA, W9MSE, KF9D, K9WA, KU8E (and this is just off
the top of my head and I *KNOW* I'm leaving out some great ones...) about
contesting from a car!  These guys are GOOD!  They run rates in excess of
100/hr in state QSO parties on CW.  Some of them do it without a separate
driver.  Logging?  Everybody's different.  How to do this and drive?

Personally, I operated the last six hours of ARRL CW this year from the car
(from 3 states...another story) and averaged about 40/hr.  Yes, it can be

Some people with severe antenna restrictions (CCR's) do ALL of their
operating from their cars, contests included.

73, Jim N9JF

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