[CQ-Contest] Short calls-the solution

K4SB hamcat at directvinternet.com
Wed Dec 4 16:51:49 EST 2002

"Leigh S. Jones" wrote:
> But your suggestion has some logical flaws:
> If you sign NH7A, then how do we know you're not operating from
> somewhere in the USA?  Can we presume you are not in the USA DXCC location?  How
> would you like to have to send NH7A/NH7 through a contest -- after
> all, NH7 really indicates USA.

Yes, NH7 is a USA prefix. But it is assigned specifically to Alaska.
To send NH7A/NH7 is more than a little redundent.

> I could chuckle at the ARRL rule when a station calls me with a callsign from the
> KG4AAA block -- that's a USA 4th district callsign...does he have to sign KG4AAA/W4?

I can think of absolutely no reason for anyone to mistake KG4AAA as
anything other than a 4 land call. If this comment is related to
Guantanamo, there are NO USA calls in the KG4 block with a 2 letter
suffix. KG4DX is in Gitmo, KG4DX? is somewhere in 4 land.

Now without reference at all to Leigh's comment, I think sometimes we
are our own worst enemy. Or at the best, sadly lacking in knowledge of
our own call structure.


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