[CQ-Contest] RE: Mobile antennas

Tom Horton k5iid at ntelos.net
Wed Dec 4 20:36:45 EST 2002

  I too have operated contests from a car. Have done ARRL SSB and CW that way
long ago.
  PLUS!!!!! What about all the state QSO parties that ask mobile stations 
to go
out and make contacts...I can think of quite a few folks, that basically only
operate from their car in contests and drive many miles through many states 
to do so.
Some of these folks are "strictly" CW ops as well.
  Oh yeah, the County Hunter Contests (SSB and CW) feature these operations
as well. Don't forget that FD has a mobile category.
  So I don't think the mobile antenna question is out of line at all.
BTW  IMHO, the ONLY antenna to use mobile is the Bugcatcher!
73, Tom K5IID

At 10:45 03-12-02 -0600, Ken Cechura wrote:
>Thanks to those who responded.  I DID look at the EHAM reviews before I
>mailed the list.  Yes, I saw that they reveiwed pretty well.  I just
>wanted to see if there was anything BAD I should know about them.
>Guess this isnt related to contesting...    Noone ever works a contest
>from their car.
>Nuff said.
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