[CQ-Contest] RE: Mobile antennas

Bob Wanderer aa0cy at VRINTER.NET
Wed Dec 4 21:39:10 EST 2002

Guess this isnt related to contesting...    Noone ever works
a contest
from their car.

Nuff said.


When I lived in Colorado, I did a few contests (Wyoming QSO
Party, CQP [same weekend] and SS) from my van with mobile
antennas (Hustler, Hamstick, and Pro-Am Valor).  Rig was a
TS120, computer a Compaq "luggable," powered by a 2kW
generator.  However, I will admit I was stationary in a
parking lot in the Curt Gowdy State Park between Laramie and
Cheyenne.  I also did a CQP from the Sierra/Nevada county
line.  Unfortunately, I could not find a good operating
location and worked only one station--VY1JA (he was 20dB
over S9).  Only time VY1 called me!

I hear a few mobiles in contests.  The two are not mutually

Hope the antenna works for your friend.

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