[CQ-Contest] The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge

Lew lew at teleport.com
Thu Dec 5 12:10:53 EST 2002

Contesters of discernment,
       The snow is flying, the wires are being flung about, the plaque
sponsors are queing which means that the 7th running of the Stew Perry
TopBand DX Challenge sponsored by The Boring Amateur Radio Club is near.
   The Official rules plus more information about this RF phenomena can
be discerned at:


       This contest honors its own, in that all plaques come from
sponsors who think whatever category they choose to sponsor is important
enough to put $50.00 where their instincts are. If you notice an area
that you feel should be fought over by fellow TopBanders, then simply
notify me of what your intentions are and then forward the fee to the
club in care of me at the address below. The Boring Amateur Radio Club
may use its wide discretion should a category be deemed a bit unsuitable
or excessively randy, but all inquiries are encouraged. Categories such
as "Best Score by a certified Idiot" or "Highest number of Received
Official Observer Notices" are generally not creative enough to warrent
an award, but come close. Donations to the Club can and will influence
what the final list of awards will be.  Listed below are the Stalwarts
who have already heard the call and responded:

Donor               Category
K7RAT            Top Score, Multi-Op World
W7GG             Top Score, S/O Combined 6M and 160M
QSL's by N0TT    Top Score,S/O, Age<21,QSO's>50
KL7RA            Top QSO Total
N6TR             Top Score,S/O, Low Power
Horned Toads Wireless-  Top Score, S/O Mexico
VK6VZ            VK5AX Memorial- Top Score using pre-60's valve
technology-prize an Official Flying Doctors Service of VK Baseball Cap
K1PX             Top Score,S/O, Low Power Europe
W7EW             Top Score,S/O, QRP
N5UL             Top Score,S/O, Hi-Power
WA9IRV           Calcutta Award-Top Score ON,MAN,WI,MN,ND
KJ9C             Black Hole Award- Hi Score,QTH > 800KM from Ocean
Low Band Monitor TopScore, S/O  North America

          The awards for the 6th Running of this fine contest have all
been sent out to the nooks and crannies of the world, clearing the way
for this years edition. There is an excellent warm up 160M test this
weekend sponsored by a rival club called The ARRL, which will help fine
tune your nocturnal RF-belching/devining stations for the 7th Stew Perry
TopBand DX Challenge being channeled Dec 28-29, 2002. That is this year
for some of our more demented TopBander Brethern and Sistern.
          There will be a couple more announcements pertaining to this
great contest(tm)  happening before the starting bell where the
Sponsoring Stalwarts will be noted and the categories displayed.
           Get up, Get on, Get Alive for the Stew Perry TopBand DX
Challenge brought to you by The Boring Amateur Radio Club.

        73 and I remain,
         Lew Sayre  W7EW/W7AT
         Boring Amateur Radio Club Chancellor of Contesting

         lew at teleport.com

         Lew Sayre
         P.O.Box 3110
         Salem, Oregon  97302

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