[CQ-Contest] Copying what you hear

k3ft at erols.com k3ft at erols.com
Sat Dec 7 08:10:29 EST 2002


Seems that if we are to log what we copy.. and we are to copy what we hear.. and we hear 
the guy say he's in CA.. we copy CA.. we KNOW it's CA (because that is what we heard and 
copied) but he won't append the proper /W6 or /6 then we can add the /W6 in good 
conscience. We copied him correctly so all we are doing is making sure that our log 
reflects accurately the details of the QSO that we copied.

Plus I figure if the callsign with the /W6 agrees with the state/section we copied then 
that helps the automated logchecking software because it looks for a correlation between 
the callsign and the state/section, I believe.

Of course YOU can always reply to him as KH6DX portable W6 in CA and if he doesn't 
correct you.. then you confirmed what you copied and logged was correct. HI

CHuck K3FT
(I'll be /4 in VA for 10M contest and I'll be signing /4 so you won't have to ask me 
where I am! HI)

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