[CQ-Contest] More than misleading calls. De VY1JA

K4SB hamcat at directvinternet.com
Sun Dec 8 15:07:09 EST 2002

"J. Allen" wrote:
> This year, the representatives in RAC, began working with suggestions for
> our present Canadian national organization, aimed at requesting that ARRL
> change the official designator for YT/NWT/NU.  When things got serious, an
> ARRL rep, suggested that the ARRL will do as it chooses.... the excuse of
> CARF having the power and ARRL as powerless to make the change was suddenly
> gone, and the stone wall appeared.
Well, I've said this before, but until the ARRL removes the "A" for
advisory from the committee names, we're stuck. These are the
individuals who should be making these decisions. I seriously
challenge the staff and directors of the ARRL to assert the position
that they are more knowledgeable then these representatives,
supposedly the best in the field.

The last time I checked, Canada was NOT the 51st State. I would simply
tell them that Canada will decide what their sections are named, and
if they don't like it, well too bad.

As for the "ARRL rep", mentioned, I think it high time to name these
rather than let them hide behind the facade of the ARRL.

And if I get dinged for submitting "YT", well, I will consider it a
vote in honor of our best friends in the world.


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