[CQ-Contest] More than misleading calls. De VY1JA

Ron Notarius WN3VAW wn3vaw at fyi.net
Sun Dec 8 14:11:21 EST 2002

It has just been pointed out to me that I made a small but significant error
in my previous posts... which actually explains a few things.

I referred to the "Northwest Territory Section."  Actually, there is no such
section.  According to my source, for RAC administrative purposes, Yukon
Territory is part of the BC section, and NWT & Nunavut are part  of the
Alberta section.

What I should have said is that we don't have a "Northwest Territory
Section" but a "Northwest Territory Multiplier," since SS rules actually
state that the mults are the ARRL & RAC sections PLUS VE8/VY1.

My apologies for the error.

This does explain why the ARRL (not RAC) is involved in the name of the
mult, since it isn't a section!  Makes more sense this way!

Now... there are three courses of action that could be taken:

(1)  Eliminate the special multiplier status for the Canadian Territories,
and treat them as part of their RAC sections.  I don't think anyone
(including myself and the VY1 crowd) want this one!
(2)  Modify the robot software to accept "YT" as a valid entry... even
though that's not technially the name of the multiplier; or
(3)  Rename the multiplier to eliminate the confusion (if any) between the
Northwest Territory and NWT Mult.  (And it's still consider the NWT mult
going back to the days when NU & even further back YT were part of NWT).

Renaming makes some sense, since I have the impression from my source that
the robot sometimes confuses NWT with NTX (both could be considered NT, for
one).  How about YNT (Yukon & Northwest Territories) or YNN (Yukon,
Northwest, & Nunavut Territories) or CNT (Canada Northern Territories -- NCT
doesn't work, it's too close to NC), to pick three off the top of my head?

73, ron wn3vaw

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