[CQ-Contest] But I didn't inhale!

Larry N7DF n7df at zianet.com
Mon Dec 9 17:08:04 EST 2002

When I turned on the radio Sunday morning in the ARRL 160 contest it happened to be set on 1831.3. Much to my surprise I heard NL7Z calling CQ on frequency with no answers. I called him, barefoot, and worked him right away. As the linear warmed up and I tuned the band for new stations I continued listening to him on the second receiver but he wasn’t getting any calls.

Since the internet computer was warmed up and already logged in to the internet downloading my e-mail, I decided to post him to the DX Summit packet cluster. Within seconds he had a pileup. But, several of the stations that called him in the next two minutes or so were stations that always report their logs as unassisted.

Now; I always operate unassisted and do not activate the packet cluster during contests. This is the first time I have ever brought it up while I was still in a contest. I guess though, that under the rules, I will have to report my entry as assisted even though I "didn’t inhale".

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