[CQ-Contest] Re: Yaesu FT1000mp Mark V Key Clicks

Tom Frenaye frenaye at direcway.com
Tue Dec 10 23:11:18 EST 2002

At 08:54 PM 12/10/2002 -0500, W4AN wrote:
>I love George and all...  but K6SE has documented here with clarity that
>his modification doesn't do enough.   I believe George told me that he
>chose the components he did because the mod would render super high speed
>CW hard to copy because of the longer rise time. 

It's my understanding that the W2VJN fix is much simpler and that while it isn't perfect, it is something that most people can do without a problem.  I looked at his solution and W8JI's solution and decided 'JI's was more complicated than I was willing to do myself.   The W2VJN solution wasn't completely a no-brainer for me, but it was reasonable easy to do.   I think it is good enough.

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