[CQ-Contest] 5 kHz wide clicksters

Mark S. Williams k9gx at n4gn.com
Wed Dec 11 04:36:43 EST 2002


I have no problem with "looking these guys in the eye" and telling
them.."your signal is obnoxious..your ethics are questionable". I doubt if
either argument will carry any weight with them. I got tired of hearing the
two 8 callsigns mentioned earlier clicking and clacking up and down the

The "survey" method is a good idea...do it. But, you know what would really
get to these guys? Hit 'em in their "pocketbooks". If you hear a station
generating garbage like this...don't work them! Hell, it's not like MI was a
rare mult last weekend...when the old rate meter slips to about 20 an
hour...maybe they'll get it.

Same thing for domestics CQing in the DX window. What's with that?

Sorry to admit I worked both of the "clicksters" last weekend...and the
domestic CQ machines in the DX window.

Happy Holidays,


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