[CQ-Contest] A Dear Elmer - WA9TPQ - SK

K9YO-Cedrick Johnson k9yo at cedrick.net
Wed Dec 11 15:42:17 EST 2002

I cannot believe that now I am writing this, but it's the least I can do
to say "Thanks" to my Elmer, who passed away this Tuesday, at 1:10PM

In August 1995, I obtained my Technician licence, at the Fox River Radio
League, the local club less than a 5 minute bike ride from my house. It
was late that next year, around September, that I rode my bike up to
WA9TPQ's house (a half-day's ride on the bike trails). In that year,
1996, I had managed to get my General I think (memory is blurry now),
but I remember this day very clearly. Bill took me into his station and
showed me the "ropes" for DX'ing. My FIRST DX station that I worked, was
5N0MVE, from his station on 20SSB. I was hooked. Also, in 1996 or
thereabouts, I began contesting. Bill was right there to help me learn
the ropes. My biggest problem, being a lil squirt with too much caffiene
was that I could never sit down and focus. Bill helped me "focus" and my
contest scores began to improve, dramatically.

1997 NAQP SSB:
N9YXA at WA9TPQ	322 X 112 =	36,064

1998 NAQP SSB:
N9YXA at WA9TPQ       545 X 138 =  75,120

There's just no amount of words that can describe how much Bill cared
and LOVED contesting and DX'ing. He was always willing to help teach
people that were eager to learn, and always promoted activity. 

On a funny note, Bill's place was also my first foray into outdoor
grilling. My steak turned out to taste like burnt hair, but Bill still
let me use the grill in subsequent visits LOL. I have several pictures,
now I'll have to dig them out.

Thank you Bill. Thanks for teaching me most everything I know about
contesting today. You gave me the chance to enjoy and experience new
modes in Ham Radio. I'll always look up and remember the fun times. I
waited too damn late to say thanks. I'm sorry Bill, I'm so sorry.

Tell your Elmer "Thanks" before it's too late, because you never know. I
wish I told him "Thanks" more than I did, and it's painful. It's really
really painful. I wish I could turn back the hands of time, do things
differently.... Please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE tell your Elmer "Thanks".

Cedrick - K9YO

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