[CQ-Contest] Yaesu FT1000mp Mark V Key Clicks

Ken Claerbout K4ZW at Staffnet.com
Thu Dec 12 01:32:17 EST 2002

>I'll make it so your post can be anonymous or not with >date, time, band,
and comments fields.  The most >complained about stations (top-10 USA and
top-10 >Europe) can be featured on CQ-Contest once per >month for their
efforts.  :)

>Sounds like a plan!  We can start with the 10 Meter >Contest this weekend!

Right - and we have all seen the valuable input from some of the anonymous
postings on reflectors.  Something like this is ripe with potential for
abuse.  What's to say the person making the report doesn't have their noise
blanker cranked up, is just suffering overload from a very strong signal, or
has an ax to grind so they stuff the ballot box on someone?  I'm sure the
anti-contesting community could have fun with this.  Some poor slob could
wind up on Contesting.Com's 10 most wanted without proper cause.  I'm all
for cleaning up the bands but this seems a little excessive.  If you think
someone has a bad signal, just come out and tell them on the air or drop
them an e-mail.

Ken K4ZW

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