[CQ-Contest] Poor QualitySignals

Tom Horton k5iid at ntelos.net
Thu Dec 12 02:54:22 EST 2002

At 14:25 11-12-02 +0000, Allan & Bridget wrote:
>There is no doubt the guys that S&P will come out looking like saints and 
>the best contesters will get their names smeared in the mud..........
Who is to say who are or aren't the best contesters?  A  big station 
doesn't necessarily equate to best the best contester.
I really think it would be a shame if the "BEST" contesters had to resort 
to poor quality signals either on CW or SSB to
win. If they do, then I want no part of that game!
  I don't run very often and usually do just search and pounce simply 
because I don't have the big hardware these days to draw a
crowd. I have in the past however. In my "run" days, I have often had 
S&Pers call that had a terrible signal. And is my norm,
I told them about it too.
  I usually tell any body, any time, they have a bad signal 
.    `
The guys that win no doubt have big, good hardware. They also have an 
extraordinary amount of talent as well.
Would that I had that talent!!
Maybe I can be just like some of them when I grow up!
Let's just call it like it is. If a so called big gun sounds like 
dung...then no matter how much spin you put on
it, it's still a bad sounding signal and he should be told about it.
It is however imperative that you are not the one causing his signal to 
sound bad!
Got the suit on.
73, Tom K5IID

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