[CQ-Contest] Re: NWT

Dave VE2ZP at rac.ca
Wed Dec 11 22:36:12 EST 2002

Those suggesting that logging software can easily handle YU,
NT, NWT and NU as abbreviations for the YT/NT/NU section are
absolutely correct - BUT - you're discussing the wrong

VY1JA's complaint was that the ARRL contest robot bounced
his cabrillo-format log because it would not accept J's
declaration of his section as anything other that NT.  J is
not in NT, he's in YT.  Those two territories and Nunavut
comprise that section.

The ARRL contest robot should be programmed to accept YT or
NT or NU as a correct section name.

The only people this would affect are the few hams in that
section who take part in SS and the ARRL 160m contest and
the person who makes this small modification to the robot.
This would not have any effect on what any SS or 160m
participant records in their log.

Dave VE2ZP

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