[CQ-Contest] Mark V or Mark V Field ?

Scott Nichols snichols at mvosprey.com
Thu Dec 12 13:56:31 EST 2002

Hi all...

Decided to get Santa to bring me a new radio for xmas...Down to a 
decision between the 1000MP Mark V or the Mark V Field...

Anyone had the chance to compare these two rigs in a contesting and/or 
non-contesting environment? This radio would become my "#1" radio, both 
for contesting and non-contesting, but  mainly concerned with it's 
performance in a contest situation...

Is there much of a noticeable difference except the built in power 
supply and output power ? (except the 25% price difference that is!!)

I have a 1000MP now...Much of a noticeable difference between this older 
one (late 90's) and the new MP's ?

Any "non-documented" features been discovered ? (Good or bad)

Any thoughts and impressions would be welcome, technical and/or 


Scott VE1OP

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