[CQ-Contest] TIME OUT ? ARRL10m

David A. Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Thu Dec 12 19:27:43 EST 2002


K9TM and I are the team which checks the ARRL 10M Contest logs, so I will 
tell you what we do.

Since the rule requiring twelve hours of rest does not say "single operator 
only", it applies to all entries.  I will ask that this be made clearer in 
the rules for next year.

Yes, unfortunately the rules do not specify a minimum off time.  The rule 
we have been following is 30 minutes minimum, same as the ARRL Sweepstakes 
contest, which is W/VE only.

Since I started checking the ARRL 10 logs in 1998, every year we have 
perhaps five or six stations who do not take the 12 hours rest.  One 
station once operated 44 hours!  All of these stations seem to come from 
South America - one CX station in particular and several LUs.  We think 
this is because you enjoy such good 28 MHz propagation from South America 
that you don't want to stop operating the contest!

In any case, please spread the word - 36 hours operating time, 30 minutes 
minum for rest time.

CU this weekend.



At 03:32 PM 12/12/02 -0300, Lu3hy Juan wrote:
>I have read the rules of the ARRL10m sincerely but do I find of as much as
>it is it time out  minimum  (60 minutes? ) to fulfill the 12 hs of rest.
>And it is correct that the stations multi operator 48 hs cannot work.
>tnx 73 see u in test this week end
>Juan LT0H ( op LU3HY )
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