[CQ-Contest] Funky calls in MASTER.DTA

David A. Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Thu Dec 12 19:54:56 EST 2002

K9TM and I compile and publish the master callsign databases for use with 
most of the popular logging programs.  These databases come from logs sent 
to us from contesters around the world.  How it works is that if a callsign 
appears in the logs a certain number of times, we include it in the 
database.  The assumption is that if enough people work a particular 
callsign, it must be good.

Well, the converse is also true - if enough people bust the call, it will 
show up in the database as well, which arguably promotes it being busted 
further.  The most busted call we know of is OE5OSO (which should be 
OE5OHO).  Not too long ago, someone pointed out how often T48K was getting 
turned into TV8K (and it shows up in the database).  Now, we recently 
received request from Ron, ND5S pointing out that ND5H (a callsign that is 
not issued) shows up in the database every year, and when he calls stations 
they often come back to ND5H!

In the interest of having the "cleanest" database possible, if anyone knows 
of any problem calls in the database, please let us know.  In your note, 
you'll have to make a pretty clear case why (or better yet, KNOW) you think 
the call is bad, and even then we may check around.  No, before anybody 
suggests it we're not taking KC1XX out of the database - not that Matt's 
station needs any help! :-)

You can send your info to either k8cc at comcast.net or k9tm at buckeye-express.com.



P.S. Just in case anybody is wondering, in the fall at the start of every 
contest season we begin from scratch, using only logs from the previous 
contest season so the calls in the database are "fresh".

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