[CQ-Contest] Re: NWT versus YT/NT/NU

Dave VE2ZP at rac.ca
Thu Dec 12 22:16:45 EST 2002


You are absolutely wrong to suggest that California counties
are comparable to Canadian territories.

> Bounced is probably too strong of a word here.

Bounced would only be too strong a word ONLY if J's log
indicating YT as his section would have been accepted
without J modifying it.  Given that the robot demands an
amended log showing (incorrectly) NT as J's section, I think
his first attempt would count in anyone's books as a bounce.

> It seems that people in upper Canada feel some kind of
moral issue to make it
> really clear that they are not in NT.

Further illustrating the problem of completely innocent
misunderstandings about Canada, you have employed a term you
don't understand.  "Upper Canada" is an historical name for
southern Ontario and is still used to decribe that place by
people in the Maritimes.  It is not and has never been a
term for our north.

Don't be so dismissive.  You're not making friends for a
contest that has few enough Canadian participants.

It would be more wise to accomodate the interests of real
people like J than to base your judgement on the choices
made by a machine.

Dave VE2ZP

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