[CQ-Contest] Concerning my stupidity!

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Mon Dec 16 17:28:08 EST 2002

At 09:46 PM 12/16/02 +0000, Tom Horton wrote:
>  I have no exact explanation for what happened, unless, using the program
>under a DOS window told the computer/radio something it didn't want to 
>I just didn't take the troubleshooting the next step farther. In essence, 
>I just gave up!
>  The radio is back to working and I did operate all day Sunday. So, the 
> next time
>you have a wierd problem, just remember that most of the times, 
>strange/weird problems
>are just that and they are normally fixable with a bit of 
>And no, I am not going to open up a repair shop specializing in 
>weird/strange pproblems.

I think Tom's being too hard on himself.  We all did troubleshooting in our 
Globe Scouts and such, but it's so complex inside our modern radios that 
it's very hard to deal with, and very easy to assume that it's some obscure 
relay or IC down in the bowels of the thing.

I doubt that it's a Win98 DOS window thing.  I've had my share of those, 
but usually in the category of lousy CW or slow radio frequency 
readout.  They have always gone away when I opened the task manager and 
shut off all the Windows background tasks except for explorer and 
systray.  I'm thinking Tom and I both run TRLog, so if I've misremembered 
and he's running TR, just ignore me.

73, Pete N4ZR
Sometimes a tower is just a tower

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