[CQ-Contest] making someone feel special

Yuri Onipko va3uz at rac.ca
Mon Dec 16 19:23:22 EST 2002

Thing like that happened to me this past weekend. I was operating in the 10m
contest from VE3NE's shack. He has a lot of QSL cards on the walls so by the
end of the Contest I learned almost all of them... :-))
... When EW1ABF unswered my CQ I already new the spot where to locate his
card. I came back to him with regular "59 Ontario" and after I got his
exchange I  told him (in Russian !) his name, exact address and how he looks
(there is a photo on the card...) :-)) Imagine poor guy's reaction... :-)))
He only managed  to pull out his "Thank You" (in Russian).

...hope he's doing alright now! :-)

73 Yuri  VE3DZ

P.S. However another guy in the Contest insisited that I should have "DZZ"
in my call since his master.dat showed him only VE3DZZ call. :-))

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Last year, in the 10 meter contest I had the master.dat running while I was
running JAs.
It really helped a lot on breaking calls from the pileups when all I got was
a number and a couple of letters.
One memorable QSO was when the JA only gave two letters of his suffix and
the master.dat returned only one call so I came back to him with his full
He returned with"how did you know my call?" and I told him, "everyone knows
the best contester in Japan"
I hope his head didn't explode but I expect he made sure all his friends
heard the story.

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