[CQ-Contest] CT and 10m strange loging

IZ4EFN - Alessio iz4efn at libero.it
Tue Dec 17 21:29:25 EST 2002

Cheers dear Contester,

during the last ARRL 10m Contest as IK4RQJ we had serious matters with CT by
We had 3 DOS pc on a rs-232 cable network, and it worked fine in the CQWW
and other contest.

We noticed this:

1. When trying to correct the state after logging a US, it always went out
to the c:\ prompt.

2. Every US station logged (both CW and SSB) resulted as a new multiplier,
and the score was absolutely wrong.

3. It also crashed clearing the qso field with F11.

4. Sometimes The given CW number has never been the same of CT, letting the
op sending the serial with the paddles....

Has anyone experienced this matter?
We strongly believe we have all other stuff ak, and that's not a RFI problem
(it happend also without RF in the shack...)

I'm just wonderind if it could be a bug or something, before submitting it
to the author.

Anyone experiencing contest logging under Linux?
We are trying TLF and CX, any suggestion about that?

Thanks, IZ4EFN ( one of....IO4T )

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