[CQ-Contest] CT and 10m strange loging

Jaime Robles jaime at robles.nu
Wed Dec 18 18:59:14 EST 2002

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El Mié 18 Dic 2002 19:49, Federico Baldi escribió:
> IZ4EFN - Alessio wrote:
> > Anyone experiencing contest logging under Linux?
> > We are trying TLF and CX, any suggestion about that?
> I've used TLF in the CQWW 2002 CW and it worked very good.
> It's growing so fast, there is a new version nearly every
> week!
I used tlf in  CQ WW SSB in a multi/multi with REALLY GOOD job and i have used 
it in SO last ARRL10m with good results too.
Tlf has thinks much better than CT... specially the network support for multi 
operations... and the best think is that the developer is a VERY active 
developer so if you have any suggestions he improves with nearly every thing 
you tell him! :-)'' (Thanks Rein!)

CX is still in a development state but i think CX's developers has stopped the 
development since it has been a long time since the last version... It's a 
pity as it had a very good looking.

I packaged it for Debian so if you want to test a debian package just try:

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