[CQ-Contest] klix'n'stuff

jim funk jfunk at adams.net
Sun Dec 15 23:50:26 EST 2002

I heard very few clicky sigs last weekend.  Mentioned them to a couple of
guys, along with some chirps.

On Sunday afternoon, KS6H stopped by to tell me I had a birdie down about 1
khz from my main freq.  I checked on a separate rx, and sure enough, there
it was.  Rats.  It was down about a gazillion db, but with superb condx to
the west coast, it's no wonder he could hear it.

Here's the perplexing part:  I changed freq, and could no longer find it.  I
think I was at about 28.030 at the time.  Nowhere else in the band could I
key up and still find this birdie/spur/whateveryawannacallit.  This was with
a TS930 at 100w.  No, I don't own a scope, but will try to borrow one.  Has
anybody else run into this with a '930?

Thanks, 73, Merry Christmas, see you in the Stew.
Jim N9JF

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