[CQ-Contest] saving money on outgoing QSLs

Larry N7DF n7df at zianet.com
Thu Dec 19 10:30:19 EST 2002

I have found that you can save money on sending QSL cards to overseas bureaus from the US by using a thing called "surface mail letter post".
If you have about a pound of cards (150 or so) going to a single bureau such as JA, DL or I this is definitely the way to go.
The rate is $3.80 to most European Countries, $4.95 to the rest of the world except $4.05 to VK, ZL and JA.  The rate scales up by about 60 cents for each additional 4 ounces.
Quite a bit cheaper than $8 per pound through the outgoing ARRL bureau.

Happy Holidays

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