[CQ-Contest] ARRL 10M packet rules

Scott Nichols snichols at mvosprey.com
Thu Dec 19 19:56:08 EST 2002

That's the way I interpreted the rules...If you use packet, you are 
automatically classed as MULTI-OP, MIXED MODE, even if you were 1 
operator on CW only or SSB only...

I also interpret that to mean that there are no CW ONLY or SSB ONLY 
classes in  the MULTI-OP category, even if you don't use packet.

I could be mistaken...

I would like to see Single Op-Assisted classes for CW, SSB or MIXED mode 
entries...This is the only contest I'm aware of that treats a packet 
screen as another operator...

73, Scott VE1OP

Dick Green wrote:

>A friend mentioned to me that there's no Assisted category in the ARRL 10M
>CW-only and SSB-Only categories. The rules at arrl.org are confusing and
>could be interpreted this way. Section 3.1 covers all the single-op modes
>and doesn't mention packet. Section 3.2 is titled "3.2. Multioperator,
>Single Transmitter, mixed mode (only)". This is followed by "3.2.1. Includes
>single operators using packet or spotting assistance." The word "only" in
>the title of 3.1 could be interpreted to mean that 3.2.1 applies only to
>single-ops in the mixed-mode category and not the single-mode categories. In
>other words, it could be interpreted to mean packet is legal for single-ops
>in the single-mode categories! I have a hard time believing this is true.
>Don't they mean to say that any use of packet reclassifies a single-op as
>M/S mixed-mode, regardless of whether the mode is CW-only, SSB-only or
>mixed? If that's the case, the wording needs to be clearer.
>73, Dick WC1M
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